Lolley Family Lines

Allen, Anderton, Balier, Banastre, Batchelder, Buck, Butler, De Anderton, Grice, Hartshorn, Hartson, Hebard, Holley, Lenhart, Lolley, Lunt, Rathburn, Rice, Riston, Shemberger, Thorpe, Vantings, Walden, Worden, Worthington


Our Lolley Lineage

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Family Signatures

John Wesley Lolley

Mary Rebecca Hartson Lolley

George W. Lolley

Isaac Hartson

Lydia Bloss Hartson
Roscoe Earl Lolley

Ralph Alven Lolley


Lolley Family History by Estella Gunnell Taylor

Childhood Memories by Walter Virgil Lolley


Lolley Family

Thanks to LoAnn Bonstein for contributing the photo of John W. and Mary Hartson Lolley, and thanks also to Becky Lolley for the photos of George W. and Prudence McBride Lolley and family.

John W. Lolley
Mary Jane Hartson

George W. Lolley
Prudence McBride

George W. Lolley
Julia Darling

Elmer N. Lolley
Louisa Stone

Asa H. Lolley
Ida Lenhart

Asa Horatio

Elmer N. Lolley
and Friend

Roscoe Earl

Ralph Alvin

Lenhart Family

In 1892 Ida Josephine Lenhart received a photo album as a Christmas gift. She filled it with pictures of her friends and family who lived in Pottawatomie County, Kansas. The album now belongs to her granddaughter Myrna Lolley Erickson who kindly allowed us to scan these images.

John Paul


Will Lenhart
John Lenhart

Frank Lenhart
Susan Alsip


William Lenhart
Kate Alsip

Mary Lenhart
Elmer Evans

Children of
Frank Lenhart

Ida 'Josie' Lenhart
Mabel or Nellie


Census Records

1841 William and Susannah Lolley in Cliffe, England

1850 Susannah Lolley in Ontario, Wayne, New York

1860 William and Susannah (Lolley) Fowler in Wisconsin

1870 William and Susannah (Lolley) Fowler in Missouri

1880 William Fowler in Missouri

1860-1880 John and Mary Hartson Lolley WI-MO-KS

1880-1920 John and Margaretha Shemberger Lenhart OH-KS

Marriage Records

1854 John W. Lolley and Mary Hartson in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Military Records

1864 George W. Lolley Civil War Enlistment in Missouri

1880 John W. Lolley Civil War Pension in Leghorn, Kansas

1890 Mary R. Lolley Widow's Pension in Wheaton, Kansas

Passenger Ship Records

1843 William Lolley Immigrates to America on the Sheridan

1845 Lolley Family Immigrates to America on the Panama

Death Records

1901 Obituary of George W. Lolley of Independence, Kansas

1915 Certificate of Mary Anne Lolley of Brown's Valley, Minnesota

2001 Obituary of Walter Virgil Lolley of Boise, Idaho


Portrait of Mercedes

Portrait of Mercedes Lolley

What became of this portrait of Mercedes Lolley. It was painted by acclaimed Northwest artist Sally Haley (1908-2007) in about 1948 in Portland, Oregon. It appeared in a number of exhibits through the 1950s, including a show at the Maryhill Museum of Art.