Susannah Lolley in the 1850 Census

June 1, 1850
Ontario, Wayne County, New York

According to family tradition, after the death of her husband in England, Susannah married William Fowler and they immigrated to America around 1847. However, a ship's manifest shows Hannah Lolley (not Fowler) and her six children arriving in New York in 1845 with the notation "going to her husband" possibly in Wayne County, New York. A ship's manifest from two years earlier shows the likely arrival of her husband.

Three years after their arrival, vital records from Ontario, Wayne County, New York show the death of farmer William Lolly on September 8, 1848. So it appears that William did not die in England, but three years after the family settled in New York.

Susannah appears in the 1850 census of Ontario, Wayne, New York with three of the children that were listed in the 1841 census plus the youngest child, Mary Anne, who was born in June 8, 1846 in New York according to her death certificate. The inventory of Susannah's farm was included and appears below.

Living in the household next to the widowed Susannah is 22-year-old Francis Rice born 1828 in England. This fits the birth date and place of Susannah's daugher Frances.

In the same household as Francis and her husband Philip is William Fowler, a farm laborer, with a wife and three children. If this is the William Fowler who Susannah later married, what became of his first family?

1850 Census of Ontario, Wayne County, New York
  Age Born
Value of
Real Estate
Susan Lolly 35 England
George Lolly 14 England
Harriet Lolly 10 England
David Lolly 6 England
Mary A. Lolly 5 New York
Philip Rice 22 New York
Francis Rice 22 England
William Fowler 35 England
Elizabeth Fowler 33 England
George Fowler 7 England
John Fowler 7 England
Mary Fowler 8/12 England

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1850 Census of Susannah Lolley in Ontario, Wayne, New York

Name of Owner, Agent, or Manager of the Farm
Susanna Lolley

Live Stock June 1, 1850
Milch Cows
Working Oxen
Other Cattle
Value of Live Stock

Produce during the year ending June 1, 1850
Wheat, bushels
Indian Corn, bushels
Oats, bushels
Irish Potatoes, bushels
Butter, pounds
Hay, tons
Value of farming implements and machinery

Acres of Land
Cash value of farm

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1850 Agricultural Schedule of Susannah Lolley's Farm in Ontario, Wayne, New York

1850 Agricultural Schedule of Susannah Lolley's Farm

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