Simer Family Lines

Boggs, Donaldson, Elder, Estep, Harris, Horn, Jewell, McKenzie, Osborn, Picklesimer, Prater, Rogers, Simer, Stephens, Watt, Wyer


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Andrew and Martha Picklesimer of Kentucky
The story of their beginnings up until the Civil War.

My Yesterdays by Edith "Dollie" (Neafus) Simer
Dollie wrote this autobiography in 1978 at the age of 91. We are indebted to Sharon Simer Isbell for sharing her grandma's story and many family photos.

An Interview with Ruth Simer Adams
This interview was conducted in the fall of 1980 in Boise, Idaho when Ruth was seventy-years-old.

Big Discovery in Lemhi County
Newspaper article about Jasper Elder and Burton Simer discovering gold on Bohannon Creek in September 1908.

Burt Simer Invents a Tieless Sack
Newspaper article about Burton Simer and Anthony Nichols inventing a tieless sack in June 1914.

The Killing of Dewey Simer
Originally published in Patchwork: Pieces of Local History, May 1990. A collection of Lemhi County historical happenings compiled from interviews, photos, and archives by Salmon, Idaho high school students.

Family Signatures

Jasper Newton Elder

Burton Ward Simer

Andrew J. P'Simer
1825 - After 1884


Harriet Ann Horn
Jasper Newton Elder
Jasper N. Elder

Ruth Simer
Emma Elder and Burt Simer
Emma Elder and
Burton Simer
Harriet Horn Simer
Harriet Simer
and son Dewey


Birth Records

1908 Bible Register of Emma and Burt Simer of Salmon, Idaho

Census Records

1850-1880 Margaret and Samuel Horn of Cove Creek, Washington, Arkansas

1850-1880 Martha and Andrew Picklesimer

Marriage Records

1907 Mary Simer and Robert Mathews of Ogden, Utah

1908 Emma Elder and Burt Simer of Salmon, Idaho

1909 Edith Neafus and Fred Simer of Ogden, Utah

1909 Ethel Fowler and Arthur Simer of Salmon, Idaho

1909 Margaret Simer and Lynn Fowler of Salmon, Idaho

1923 Helen Swift and Dewey Simer of Salmon, Idaho

1932 Patricia Airhart and Dewey Simer of Plains, Montana

Military Records

1875 Andrew J. P'Simer Civil War Pension in Peoria, Texas

1876 Jasper N. Elder Civil War Pension in Fort Lemhi, Idaho

Death Records

1907 Death Certificate of Francis M. Simer of Ogden, Utah

1918 Death Certificate of Arthur Simer of Stockton, Utah

1923 Obituary of Jasper Newton Elder of Salmon, Idaho

1933 Death Certificate of Harriet Horn Simer of LaGrande, Oregon

1960 Obituary of Burton Ward Simer of Shoshone, Idaho

1986 Obituary of Dollie Simer of Anacortes, Washington

2002 Obituary of Bette Jane Simer Hoyt of Denver, Colorado

2003 Obituary of Lois Azel Simer Boesiger of Gooding, Idaho