Tharp Family Lines

Baily, Beauchamp, Berkley, Carmean, Clark, Clonts, Curtis, DeHaven, Dixon, Dodson, Eigner, Freeman, Gerhart, Gobels, Grayless, Hayman, Heintz, Hines, Jansen, Johnson, Mace, May, Moyers, Nagle, Oberlin, Op den Graef, Overly, Pieters, Pletjes, Pohrman, Poorman, Schibbauerr, Tharp, Thorpe, Tippet, Umstead, Werner, Wilson


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Our Tharp Lineage

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Family Signatures

John S. Tharp

Thomas Madison May

Joseph W. Tharp

Nancy Dodson Whitsett

Margaret Dodson Ingram

John Overly Tharp

Martha Dodson May

George W. Tharp


Lydia Dodson Kelley

Roxy May Young


Mary May Hester


Earle Blaine Thorpe

Arthur Wallace Thorpe

Raymond Clayton Thorpe


John and Nancy May of Crawford County, Pennsylvania
The story of John and Nancy May who married during the Revolutionary War and helped settle the wilds of northwestern Pennsylvania.

John and Hannah Dodson of Douglas County, Oregon
The story of John and Patience "Hannah" Dodson who left their home in Missouri in 1852 to join thousands of others on the Oregon Trail.

Martha Dodson and Thomas May of Columbia County, Washington
The story of Martha Dodson and Thomas May who were early pioneers in both Oregon and Washington Territories.

The Wedding of Mattie Thorpe and Bill McCarter
Irma McCarter Petrick's story of her parent's wedding.

Mattie Thorpe McCarter of Camas County, Idaho
Mattie's son, Joe, recalls his mother's life as a ranch wife during the 1930s and '40s. He wrote this tribute not long after her death in 1991 at age 98.

Newton J. Tharp in the News
Newton was the son of Joseph Tharp, grandson of John S. Tharp, and, for a time, the city architect of San Francisco. He was a director of the San Francisco Art Institute and a member of the American Institute of Architects and the exclusive and bacchanalian Bohemian Club.

What Good There Might Be in Inexpensive Architecture
Article by Newton J. Tharp that appeared in the July 1900 issue of Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine.


Portrait Photos

John Carmean
Saline Co., MO (1880)

Charles DeHaven
Ross Co., OH (1880)

Susan DeH. Carmean
Saline Co., MO (1880)

Martha Dodson May
Columbia Co., WA (1880)

George W. Tharp
Marshall Co., IN (1910)

Nancy Dodson Whitsett
Douglas Co., OR

The May Children
Columbia Co., WA (1880)

Mattie Thorpe McCarter
Camas Co., ID (1910)

Home Photos

George Tharp Home
Marshall Co., IN (1910)

Thomas May Home
Columbia Co., WA (1880)

Grave Photos

Mary Hines Overly
Overly Chapel Cemetery
Ross Co., Ohio

Mida F. May
Dayton City Cemetery
Douglas Co., Washington

Thomas Edwin May
Dayton City Cemetery
Douglas Co., Washington

Elizabeth Overly Tharp
Overly Chapel Cemetery
Ross Co., Ohio

Frederick Overly
Overly Chapel Cemetery
Ross Co., Ohio

George W. Tharp
Sandridge Cemetery
Marshall Co., Indiana

John S. Tharp
St. Paul's Cemetery
Marshall Co., Indiana

Newton Tharp

Overly Chapel Cemetery
Ross County, Ohio


Autograph Book of Genette May

Collection of forty-four signatures of family and friends of Genette May who lived in Douglas County, Washington Territory. Entries begin in January of 1886 and end shortly after her marriage to Arthur Clayton Thorpe in 1888.

Glossary of Farm Terms

Definitions of a number of old farm items listed in wills and inventories.

Overly-Tharp Time Line

Summary of all records uncovered during the ongoing research of the family of John S. Tharp and Elizabeth Overly of Ross County, Ohio. Special thanks to Susan Tharp Thompson and Ann Davis for generously sharing their research.

Guardianship Records

1856 Jacob Cryder Made Guardian of Tharp Boys in Ross Co., Ohio

1858 Joseph Tharp Made Guardian of Brothers in Ross Co., Ohio

1862 Robert Oliver Made Guardian of Tharp Boys in Ross Co., Ohio

Land Records

1805 Land Grants of Frederick Overly in Ross Co., Ohio

1855 Land Sale by Mary Richard and Joseph Tharp in Ross County, Ohio

1865 Land Sale by George W. Tharp in Ross County, Ohio

1869 Land Sale by John O. Tharp in Ross County, Ohio

1884 Land Law Suit by Tharp Children in Marshall Co., Indiana

1887 Herman Richard Letters Regarding Land Sale in Ross Co., Ohio

1902 Land Transfer from Joseph to Amanda Tharp in San Francisco, California

Marriage Records

1856 Nancy Dodson and Jackson Whitsett in Douglas Co., Oregon

1859 Margaret Dodson and Frances M. Ingram in Douglas Co., Oregon

1860 Martha Dodson and Thomas M. May in Douglas Co., Oregon

1862 Lydia Dodson and Jackson Kelley in Douglas Co., Oregon

1877 Samuel Dodson and Martha Hervey in Douglas Co., Oregon

1888 Genette May and Arthur Thorpe in Columbia Co., Washington

School Records

1908 High School Diploma of Mattie Thorpe of Blaine County, Idaho

Death Records


1901 Byra May Elder of Columbia County, Washington

1902 Joseph William Tharp of San Francisco, California

1910 Newton James Tharp of San Francisco, California

1916 Elliott May of Delaware County, Iowa

1920 Martha Dodson May of Columbia County, Washington

1922 George W. Tharp of Marshall County, Indiana

1927 John O. Tharp of Fulton County, Indiana

1931 Arthur Clayton Thorpe of Adams County, Idaho

1931 Mary Ester Hover Tharp of Marshall County, Indiana

1932 Amanda Carmean Tharp of Lake County, California

1936 Hugh Delos May of Walla Walla, Washington

1938 Lena May Harsch of Waitsburg, Washington

1940 Mary 'Merge' Gatwood Tharp of Rochester, Indiana

1946 Mary May Hester of Columbia County, Washington

1991 Mattie May Thorpe McCarter of Gooding County, Idaho


1848 Will of Frederick Overly of Ross Co., Ohio

1849 Will of John Young Tharp of Marion Co., Ohio

1854 Probate Records of John S. Tharp of Marshall Co., Indiana