Genetically Confirmed Lolley Lines

Through autosomal DNA testing at 23andMe and Family Tree DNA, we have matched with distant cousins and genetically confirmed these ancestors.

Second Great Grandparents
John Wesley Lolley and Mary Jane Hartson

Third Great Grandparents
Horatio Hartson and Rebecca Rathburn

Lolley-Simer Ethnicity

These ethnicity results of a first generation Lolley-Simer descendant give us some idea of where our line of Lolley-Simer ancestors originated. This is an emerging science, so the results will likely become more definitive over time.

Western European 31.04% North American Indian 0.34%
North Sea 30.78% Siberian 0.26%
South Baltic 12.56% South Asian 0%
Mediterranean 11.32% Southwest Asian 0%
Caucus 7.00% East Asian 0%
Volga-Ural 6.70% West African 0%
Generated by the Eurogenes K12 model created by Davidski/Polako.

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