Census Records for John W. and Mary Hartson Lolley

June 4, 1860
Douglas, Marquette County, Wisconsin

In 1860 John and Mary Lolley are found living with John's mother Susanna and his step-father William. The earliest record of the family in Wisconsin is John and Mary's marriage on October 28, 1854.

1860 Census of Douglas, Marquette County, Wisconsin
  Age Born
Value of
Real Estate
William Fowler 49 England
Susanna Fowler 48 England
Mary A. Fowler 14 New York
William Fowler 2 Wisconsin
John Lolley 27 England
Mary Lolley 21 Illinois
Lorenzo Lolley 4 Wisconsin
John Lolley 2 Wisconsin

August 2, 1870
Jackson, Johnson County, Missouri

In 1864 John enlisted in the Wisconsin Volunteers. He was so ill when he was discharged at the end of the war that Mary and Lorenzo drove a team and wagon 640 miles to Indiana to bring him home. In Martin County, Minnesota he became too weak to travel further, so the family was moved to him. They lived in Minnesota until October 1866 when John's doctor recommended a warmer climate for his health.

The 1870 census finds them in Johnson County, Missouri with three additional children - Mary Jane, George William, and Asa Horatio. No occupation was given for the Sally McBride who was living with the family. Could she have been related to Prudence McBride who married John's brother George?

1870 Census of Jackson, Johnson County, Missouri
  Age Born
Value of Farm
John Lolley 36 England
Mary R. Lolley 31 Illinois
Lorenzo H. Lolley 14 Wisconsin
John E. Lolley 13 Wisconsin
Mary J. Lolley 9 Wisconsin
George Lolley 7 Wisconsin
Asy Lolley 2 Missouri
Sally A. McBride 22 Missouri

June 26, 1880
Rock Creek, Pottawatomie County, Kansas

In 1870 the family moved to Kansas which is where they were found in the 1880 census. John and Mary died in Pottawatomie County - John in 1890 at the age of 61, and Mary in 1899 at age 59.

1880 Census of Rock Creek, Pottawatomie County, Kansas
  Age Born Father Born Mother Born
John Lolley 49 England England England
Mary Lolley 42 Illinois Connecticut Connecticut
Jenny Lolley 18 Wisconsin England Illinois
Geo. Lolley 15 Wisconsin England Illinois
Asy Lolley 12 Missouri England Illinois
Albert Lolley 8 Kansas England Illinois
Elmer Lolley 5 Kansas England Illinois

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