Camas Prairie in the News 1882

Idaho Tri Weekly Statesman, Boise City, Idaho
18 Feb 1882, pg. 3, col. 2.

The Storm

A snow storm began shortly before daylight Thursday morning and continued until noon, during which time about three inches fell in this city. Elsewhere, however, the storm was furious. On the Overland road Thursday's stage was caught about Dunn's Station, and for some distance encountered flying snow so thick that not even the most prominent landmarks could be seen. The stage was delayed but about two hours.

A passenger by the Overland stage informs us that for several days a most terrific storm raged on Camas prairie. Up to Thursday there had been no stage at Mountain Home from Wood River for four days and grave fears were entertained for the safety of the drivers and a search party was about to be organized to look for them.

Mr. and Mrs. H.Z. Burkhart, of Hailey, with their little boy, were expected here last Monday, and their friends here fear they are on one of the snowbound stages between Wood River and Mountain Home, though they may have concluded not to risk the trip in a threatening storm.

At Silver City the storm has been long and severe, yesterday being continuously snowy and at Jordan valley the weather was the worst thus far this season, and no sign of abatement at either place.

We have no data yet as to the extent or duration of the storm in other sections, but we have no doubt it was general all over this region. The wind of yesterday drifted the fresh snow a good deal, and considerable trouble may yet be experienced.

Up to the hour of going to press no tidings of the belated Wood River stage or their relief party sent after it had been received at Mountain Home.

Idaho Tri Weekly Statesman, Boise City, Idaho
23 Feb 1882, pg. 3, col. 1


The snowbound stages and passengers on Camas and High prairies have been relieved from the Wood River end of the route, John Carpenter having broken the road through from that end. It will be impossible to clear the road this way for some days, and in the meantime the stages have been transferred to the Goose creek route.

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