Newton J. Tharp in the News

The San Francisco Call
March 25, 1909

School Board Accepts New Building Plans: Commerical High School to Have a Gymnasium

The board of education yesterday approved the blue prints submitted by City Architect Newton Tharp for the Commerical high school and the Hancock grammar school buildings. Construction will commence immediately.

The Commerical high school will be a class A buildng of three stories, with 24 rooms. A gymnasium and shower baths for boys and girls, together with an assembly hall, will be features of the new building. The cost will be $190,000, provided in the bond issue of last November. The building will be located at Grove street above Polk and should be completed in 10 months.

The Hancock grammar will cost about $160,000. It will be situated in Greenwich street between Mason and Taylor and will be of class A construction. Bids for construction will be advertised in a few days.

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