Newton J. Tharp in the News

The San Francisco Call
November 10, 1908

Dickman Directs School Decoration: Famous Artist Takes Personal Charge of Beautifying Interior of New Buildings

That San Francisco's school children might be educated in artistic surroundings and thus develop an eye to the beautiful, Charles J. Dickman, one of America's most famous artists is daily rubbing elbows with artisans and directing the tinting, coloring and woodwork finishing of the interiors of schools now under construction.

In commendation of what it terms "the first step toward art in the public schools," the art section of the California club, which met yesterday, sent letters to City Architect Newton Tharp and Dickman. Tharp, who, though an architect, was educated in Paris as an artist, is a personal friend of Dickman and suggested the present innovation.

Dickman responded readily to the suggestion, and now may be seen almost daily discussing with some painter the proper tones for the schoolroom interiors. Thus painters and the artist are working hand in hand for the aesthetical betterment of San Francisco.

Although this is the first general step toward art in the public schools, about four years ago the art section of the California club was allowed to direct the interior decorating of one schoolroom in the Franklin school.

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