Herman Richard Letters Regarding Land Sale

These are excerpts from letters written by Herman Richard, husband of Joseph's late sister Mary Ann Tharp, to his son Frank M. Richards. Transcribed by Gladys Richards of Modesto, California in 1985.

Hanesville, Ohio
January 24, 1887

Murge Tharp was in here from Indiana on a visit, that 45 acre farm in Indiana belongs to the Tharp heirs now, it has be desited [sic] so by the Court of Marshall Co. I think it is worth about $1200 wich [sic] will be about $50 to your share.

Hanesville, Ohio
April 11, 1887

Now a few words about that aestate [sic] in Indiana, after the death of John S. Tharp, there were 45 acres of land set apart for his Widow (Alice Tharp) the Court afterwards, made her a deed for it, but it afterwards was found illegal, and the heirs, that is (George Tharp) agitated the matter first and Commenced a Suit in Court, wich [sic] costs the heirs about 100 dollars. (So George says) and you know there are at present 4 heirs, Jo Tharp, George and John Tharp and your Mother, and the District Court has desited [sic], that the land belongs to the heirs of John S. Tharp, and not to the widow, only during her lifetime, and you know She is dead, died several years ago in the State of Illinois, but she had sold this land Some Years ago and here of late years 2 different parties owned it, one had 20 acres and the other 25, it is 4 miles North of Bourbon and 7 miles South of Bremen on the Bourbon and Bremen Road.

I think it is worth about $1200 now, if that be the case the 4th of 12 would be $300, that is you 6 childrens, or $50 a piece. Then 1/4 of that $100 of cost would be $25, $4 apiece, the cost has been figured up all ready by the heirs, they all paid money towards it. I have advanced $5 myself more than 2 years ago that I want to get back some day, I believe G. Tharp wants to buy it, the way I understand it, now Francis that is as near a description as I am able to give you.

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