Burt Simer Invents a Tieless Sack

Idaho Statesman, June 2, 1914
Reprinted from the Salmon Herald

Burt Simer and Anthony Nichols have invented a sack for grain, flour, bran, ore, cement or any other commercial product. It is a most ingenious contrivance respecting the manner of sewing or tying, being automatically drawn shut by means of a cord which makes it as tight as if actually sewed.

It can be manufactured cheaply, and its use will dispense with much time and labor where numerous ties or sewings are required. These gentlemen have secured their government patent and are ready to do business. A model sack was exhibited at this office this week, and one is impressed, upon examining it, that the time is past when anybody will be required to hold the sack without having a string to tie it.

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