Genetically Confirmed Simer Lines

Through autosomal DNA testing at 23andMe and Family Tree DNA, we have matched with distant cousins and genetically confirmed these ancestors.

Third Great Grandparents
Samuel Wyatt and Margaret Horn

Third Great Grandparents
Benjamin Wyer and Caroline Stephens

Fourth Great Grandparents
David McKenzie and Cynthia Estep

Fifth Great Grandparents
Robert Elder and Elizabeth Watt

Fifth Great Grandparents
Gilbert Stephens and Nancy Osborn

Our Haplogroups

Our direct maternal haplogroup (Emma Simer - Emma Elder - Emeline Wyer - Caroline Stephens - and so on) is J1b1a2 which is specific to Scotland.

Through a matching Elder cousin, we learned that his y-dna shows that the haplogroup for our line of Elders is R1b1b2. This is common in Scotland where our ancestor Robert Elder (1730-1807) originated.

Simer-Elder Ethnicity

These ethnicity results of a first generation Simer-Elder descendant give us some idea of where our line of Simer-Elder ancestors originated. This is an emerging science and the results will likely become more definitive with time. So far Family Tree DNA has pinpointed French, Orcadian, Spanish, Tuscan, Finnish, Romanian, Russian, and Sardinian ancestry.

North Sea 33.73% Siberian 1.05%
Western European 29.09% Southwest Asian 0.51%
Mediterranean 13.39% North American Indian 0.45%
South Baltic 11.49% South Asian 0%
Volga-Ural 7.29% East Asian 0%
Caucus 2.97% West African 0%
Generated by the Eurogenes K12 model created by Davidski/Polako.

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