Camas Prairie Settlers Celebrate the 4th of July

Wood River News Miner, July 7, 1888

Camas Prairie Notes

We are having very dry weather at present and the water in the creeks is very low, and we have an abundance of grasshoppers. They have already seriously damaged grain and gardens for many of the farmers and the rest of us fear that we will fare no better and that all the grain will be destroyed. In any event the crops must be very light. There was not enough rain and snow last fall and winter to saturate the ground sufficiently to stand a drouth.

We met in a grove on Chimney Creek and celebrated the fourth in a manner indicating that patriotism was tempered with sobriety. The following was the programme of the day: Honorable H.F. McCarter was the president of the day. The first exercise was music by Jonas Carter’s String band. Singing by Chimney Creek choir. Recitations by Miss Louisa Fletcher, Miss Lalla McCarter, Orla McCarter and Charles Lavake. Oration by Honorable Clay Waldon.

One hundred and fifty hungry persons filled themselves with a great variety of pies, cakes, meats, Chimney Creek water, and lemonade without a stick in it. We closed the day’s exercises without a prayer, a fight, or a dance, and separated for our respective homes with a wish that the next Fourth might be as enjoyable.

Some of the Prairieites are trying to forget Thurman’s war record, but it is a hard thing for some of us to do, but as we have no voice in the matter we have concluded to turn our attention more to county politics and are prepared to vote for good and true men if such are nominated by the Republican party. We will poll a large vote on the prairie next election and mean to be heard in the convention. So say the politicians. New settlers are arriving every day but little naturally watered land left to file on.

[Allen G. Thurman was the unsuccessful candidate for Vice President of the United States on the Democratic ticket in 1888.]

Courtesy of Charlotte Slater, host of the Blaine County, Idaho GenWeb.

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