Philander McCarter Household in the
1860 Census of Grayson County, Virginia

The McCarter household consisted of Philander 58, Thurza 50, Andrew 21, William 18, Emily 15, Franklin 14, James 12, Sarah 10, and George 8.

Philander was listed as a farmer. The value of their farm was $4,500 and their personal property $2,531.

All of the children from William to George were listed as having attended school that year.

Philander was also listed as the owner of a 13-year-old girl in the 1860 Slave Schedule. She was likely the "Phany" who later appeared in the 1870 census as the family's blind domestic servant, although this child is not listed as being blind.

The woman who signed the marriage bond for Philander and Thurza, probably a Williams's family relative or friend, also used the unusual spelling of "Phanney."

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Philander McCarter Household in the 1860 Census

Philander McCarter 1860 Slave Schedule

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