Obituary of Levi Hickman McCarter

February 24, 1908
Smyth County, Virginia

In Memoriam

Levi Hickman McCarter was born on Elk Creek, Grayson county, Va., July 18, 1836 departed this life Feb. 3rd, 1908 at his home in Rye Valley, Va., age 71 years, 6 mos. and 15 days. He was first married to Nancy Hale, to whom was born on son - Willie - who, soon after his mother's death died when but five years old. After going with his parents to Helton, N.C. he married Mrs. Evaline Greer Hackler to whom were born four sons and three daughters, three of which preceded him to "the home of the soul."

He was a faithful soldier in the late civil war being enlisted in the Dare Devil Company; the first to go out from Grayson, during which time he escaped many dangers. He seemed to be warned of his approaching death as he realized the importance of and spoke of his trust being in Jesus the Great Physician who only can heal our sin-sick souls.

During his last days he became calm, patient, praying daily, and humble as a little child, the which if we are not like we "cannot enter the kingdom of God." He was one of the "most aged" prominent and highly esteemed citizens of Rye Valley while during his life he as most of us, was by no means perfect yet his sympathy for those in need was great, caring for, and visiting the widows in their afflictions, and we trust he is new and "safe in the arms of Jesus."

May He who came to heal the broken hearted bind up the wounds and gash made by the grave diggers spade and at last make us a reunited family above as his father "in the long ago" so often prayed.

February 24, 1908

Courtesy of Elsie Matney of Tazewell, Virginia.

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