Memorial to Rev. Drury Senter

January 10, 1853
Grayson County, Virginia

From the minutes of the Washington District Baptist Association for the year 1855 copied by J. E. Sutherland, Clintwood, Virginia.

The subject of this memorial, the Rev. Drury Senter, was born in Cumberland County, NC, on the 25th day of September 1788. His parents moved with him to Washington County, Va. And there he married on June 6th 1809.

In the year 1814, he became a member of the Baptist Church at Saint Clair’s Bottom. In September 1814 he commences exercising a public gift and in December 1815 was licensed to preach by the same church.

About 2 years and 6 months thereafter he was Regular Ordained by the proper Presbytery as an Elder and pastor of the Regular Baptist Church at Saint Clair’s Bottom in June 1818, he labored as a public minister in the bounds of the Washington Association until about the year 1823.He was chosen by the Washington Association as their messenger to Sister Association.

In the year 1823 removed to North Carolina and settled in the County of Ashe, where he labored as a public Minister in the mountain and Adjoining Association and his labors were greatly blessed.

About the year 1840 he removed to the County of Grayson in Va. where he lived till the time of his Death on the 10th of January 1853. During the greater portion of his life from 1823 to the time of his death, he was chosen Moderator of the Mountain Association and their Messenger to the Neighboring Association from 1823 to 1853. He also was pastor of several churches in Mountain Association.

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