Mortgage to James and Elizabeth McCarter
in New York City

December 15, 1800

A couple of months after they were married, James and Elizabeth (Paulding) Bertine McCarter used money from the estate of her late husband, Peter Bertine, to purchase a house at the corner of Broadway and Barley that James had been renting from George McKay.

They had to take out a mortgage from the estate which was being administered by Elizabeth's brothr-in-law, James Bertine. Because Peter died intestate, Elizabeth only had dower's rights or the use of one-third of his estate while she was living. The estate actually belonged to her children and was being administered by her brother-in-law. Hence the need for the mortgage.

Registered for and at the request of M.
James Bertine this 15th day of December 1800.

Memorandum that on the twenty sixth day of November in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred: James McCarter and Elizabeth his wife deed a mortgage to James Bertine of the City of New York. _____ all that certain house scituate, lying, and being in the Sixth Ward and corner of Barley Street and Broadway of New York with the privilege of the alley and yard between it and the adjoining house in Barley Street with the appurtenances to the same belonging of which said house was leased by George McKay of the City of New York, merchant to the said James McCarter. Together with all and singular to provided.

Nevertheless that if the said James McCarter and Elizabeth his wife their executors, administrators, or assigns shall pay or cause to be paid unto the said James Bertine his executors, administrators, or assigns the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars with lawful interest on the twenty sixth day of November next according to the condition of a _____ bond on the said mortgage _____ then the said mortgage to be void which mortgage was proved by the affidavit of Andrew Raymond the subscribing witness before Thomas Cooper Master in Chancery the thirteenth day of December 1800.

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James McCarter Deed of 1800

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