Deed to George C. McCarter
in Grayson County, Virginia

February 2, 1889

George C. McCarter of Ashe County, North Carolina purchased 58 acres on Little Helton Creek in Grayson County, Virginia. At the same time he was deeded his share (1/10th) of his mother Thurza's dower land which was adjacent to the land he purchased.

Dower land was that portion of a deceased husband's real property that a widow was legally entitled to use during her lifetime to support herself and their children. The wife usually claimed dower if her husband died without a will. Common law held that dower consisted of a one-third interest in all the land that the husband owned during the marriage.

This deed made this 2nd day of February in the year eighteen hundred and eighty nine, between R.B. Bourne and Molly Bourne his wife, Isaac Wingate and Joyce Wingate his wife, parties of the first part - all of Grayson county and George C. McCarter county of Ashe, State of North Carolina, party of the second part. Now therefore witness that the said parties of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of twelve hundred dollars in hand - paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and then fully satisfied, do by these presents grant, sell and convey unto the said party of the second part the following tract of land. Situated and lying and being in the County of Grayson, state of Virginia, containing by survey 58 1/4 acres in the Helton Creek and bounded by the lands on the south known as the H.F. McCarter land, on the west by the lands of Nelson Kilby, on the north by the land of Thomas Phipps, formerly Liultes land, on the easy by the land of John Wisses, also one tenth interest in the dower lands of Thurza McCarter, is hereby conveyed the same being near the first tract herein - conveyed, all lands which formerly belonged to Philander McCarter now deceased and which has been petitioned since his death among his children . . . except dower. To have and to hold unto him and his heirs forever, and ____ simple and said parties of the first part want specially the lands herein conveyed. Witness the following signatures and seal the dated above written.

A.G. Bourne, Molly Bourne, Joyce Wingate, Isaac Wingate

Courtesy of Marilyn McCarter of Fairview, Texas. Deed originally researched by Connie McCarter.

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