Will of Drury Senter of Grayson County, Virginia

November 4, 1852

Grayson County State of Virginia November the fourth AD one thousand eight hundred and fifty two I, Drury Senter being of sound mind and memory as I ever were and taking into consideration the worldly goods which it has been pleased God to possess (?) me with amen I now proceed to the distribution of the same in manners as followoth to wit first I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid if any secondly it is my desire that my wife Polly Senter shall have as much of the farm and wood land including my mansion house and all my house hold and kitchen furniture and as much live stock including one small filly and cattle sheep and hogs during her natural life, I desire that my sons Nathaniel Henry John Aaron William Harvy Levi Calvin shall have one hundred and fifty dollars in land that they have already received except Calvin and he shall be made up equal with them either in land or money, it is my desire that all my money that is due me be collected and all my perishable property be put to sale and after my wife Polly dowry is laid off and Calvin made equal with the rest of the boys in land and other property and if there be anything left after the first sale there shall be an equal distribution made amongst all my children both boys and girls, it is also my desire that the bit of land that Henry now lives on that I have deeded to him since this indenture was dated that he should have it extra, it is my desire that Matilda Jones [granddaughter] who inter married with Joseph Sturgill shall have five dollars in good and lawful money of Virginia so as to disinherit her of any further claims of any real estate or perishable property Lastly I ordain and appoint my two sons Nathaniel Senter and Levi B. Senter my lawful coexecutors I do hereby make void and null any will or testament made by me heretofore declaring this to be my last will and testament and I have here unto inter changeably set my hand and seal in the present of us

Drury Senter (Seal)

John A. Parsons
Levi B. Senter

Grayson County Court January term 1853 This last will and testament of Drury Senter deceased was presented in court proved by the oath of John A. Parsons and Levi B. Senter witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Nathaniel Senter and Levi B. Senter the CoExecutors there in named who made oath there to and together with Isom Cox and Stephen J. Bryant their securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $1600 conditioned (?) as the law directs certified, is granted them for obtaining probets of said will in due form Test Stephen M. Hale C. C.

There are at least two large pages of items that were sold at the sale of Drury's estate. Among the last names of some of the buyers are: Young, Senter, Parsons, Blevins, Pugh, Baker, Wells, DeBoard, Pasley, Phipps, Barton, Strange, Griffeth, Perkins, Drawn, Durall, Thomas. Drury Senter had notes on people totaling approx. $1,000.

February 18, 1854

Abstract of Deed for Nathaniel M. Senter from the Senter Estate

..10th day of February one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four by and between the several heirs of Drury Senter . . . Stephen H. Senter of Russel County Va, William N. Senter, James H. Senter, Calvin H. Senter, John C. Pasley and his wife Caroline Pasley of Grayson County Va, John M. Senter and Aaron A. Senter of Ashe County North Carolina of the one part and Nathaniel M. Senter of Grayson county Va of the other part . . .for the sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars to them each in hand paid by the said Nathaniel M. Senter . . . certain tract of land containing 140 acres . . . beginning at a buckeye by a branch corner of 400 acre survey of Drury Senter running south 42 west 13 poles . . .


John M. Senter
Stephen H. Senter
Aaron Senter
James H. Senter
Levi B. Senter
John C. Pasley

Caroline (her mark) Pasley
Wiley Pasley
Emaline (her mark) Pasley
Wm N. Senter
Calvin H. Senter

James Pugh and wife, Polly Pugh for $125 grant to Nathaniel M. Senter claims or interest…. our of the eleventh part in the lands of Drury Senter deceased….on Wilson Creek. In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven.

James Pugh
Polly (her mark) Pugh

Transcribed by Trula Purkey of Troutdale, Virginia.
Book No. 3, Page 206 Grayson County Court Records.

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