Will of Calvin H. Senter of Grayson County, Virginia

February 21, 1910

In the name of God amen

I Calvin H. Senter of Grayson County and state of Virginia, being aware of the uncertainty of life, now think proper to make my last will and testament, which will I now make as follows, to-wit:

Item 1. I direct that all my just debts and my burial and funeral expenses be paid.

Item 2. I give and devise to my beloved wife Rosamond Senter, one third in value of all my real and personal estate as well as my household and kitchen furniture, for and during her natural life, which third part in the real estate shall embrace that part of my farm that lies North of Beaver Branch and west of Wilson Creek.

Item 3. I give and devise to my son Wiley M. Senter all the tract of land whereon I now live, which includes all the lands I own. My said son Wiley M. Senter is to pay to my estate the sum of one thousand and five hundred dollars within two years after the death of myself and my wife or the longest liver of the two without interest on it. This devise of all my lands to my son Wiley M. Senter, is subject to the devise for life of all the lands given to my wife in item two of this will but after the death of my wife all the lands go to Wiley M. Senter. This devise of my lands is all that Wiley M. Senter is to have out of my estate but he is not to account for any advancement or gift that I have heretofore made to or given him.

Item 4. I will devise and bequeath to my son Kenny M. Senter all the lands and personal effects that I have advanced to him up to this date. I hold a note on Kenny M. Senter for five hundred dollars bearing date Jan. 4th 1909 which note he must pay to my estate if not paid in my lifetime which shall be his part of my estate.

Item 5. I will and bequeath that all the residue of my estate including monies, notes, debts, dues or property of any kind belonging or coming to my estate, be divided equally between my daughters now living and the children of my two deceased daughters the children of a deceased daughter taking the part that their mother would have gotten if living. My living daughters are Mary J. McCarter, wife of H. F. McCarter, Elizabeth M. Gore, wife of J. P. Gore, Clary E. Halsey, wife of R. L. Halsey, Minnie S. Delp, wife of Robt. E. Delp, and my two deceased daughters were Emma R. Young, wife of J. A. Young and Amelia Ann Young, wife of M. B. Young and the said four living daughters and the children of the two said deceased daughters are each to have a one sixth part of said residue of my estate, the children of each of said two deceased daughters are as a family to have their said mother’s share as one sixth part and if any of said living daughters die before my death then such daughter dying before my death her children shall have her share as one sixth part so that no one of said daughters part shall lapse.

Item 6. Those of my said daughters who have rec’d advancements, which advancements I have charged against each of my said daughters in a long slim book marked “advancements to my daughters” now in my possession each shall account for such advancements or the children of my deceased daughters at the time of my death shall account for what advancements she has received, before she or the children of a deceased one shall be entitled to share in any part of my estate. And each one of my said daughters and the children of my deceased daughters shall account for and pay into said residuary fund any and all notes owing by such daughter to my estate, before such daughter or the children of such deceased daughter shall be entitled to share in said fund and if any one or more of the husbands of the living or deceased daughters shall owe note or notes to my estate such note or notes shall be paid to my estate by such husband or by his estate before his wife who is my daughter or before his children by my daughter shall have any share in my estate or in the said residuary fund named in the will for my said daughters and the children of the deceased daughters.

Item 7. If any heir or distributee under this will shall deny or dispute my account or note, I have against them or of the husband or father of such devisee or distributee shall fail or refuse to pay to my estate any note or account I have against them then his wife or his children named in this will or distributee shall not be entitled to any part of my estate. I hereby appoint my sons, Kenny M. Senter and Wiley M. Senter executors of this will and my said executors shall have no commissions or advancements by me nor on the $1,500.00 to be paid to my estate by Wiley M. Senter.

Witness by hand and seal and I understand this will and sign it in the presence of witnesses this February 21, 1910.

Calvin H. Senter

Witnessed by us and Calvin H. Senter signs in our presence and we witness it at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other.

W. O. Fields
E. L. Pasley

This will was probated Feby 23, 1911 The executors were under a $10,000 bond. Appraised by:

Jno. M. Halsey
I.N. Young
H.B. Robinson

Transcribed by Trula Purkey of Troutdale, Virginia

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