McCarter Cemetery

Thurza Williams McCarter and her son, Levi, are buried on what was Levi’s farm in the Quebec community near Sugar Grove in Smyth County, Virginia.

The McCarter Cemetery is located behind 2831 Bear Ridge Lane, Sugar Grove, Virginia. Please stop and ask the homeowners for permission to access to the cemetery which is on a knoll in the pasture behind their house. The cemetery was until recently an overgrown patch of weeds, but has been beautifully transformed by the many volunteer hours of David Mancuso. A listing of all interments can be found on

McCarter Barton Cemetery

Thurza Ann Williams McCarter

Thurza and Philander are buried separately because he died on their farm in North Carolina in 1870. She lived for another 23 years, eventualy sold her share of the farm, and went to live with Levi and his family in Sugar Grove.


She was a tender mother here
And in her life the Lord did fear
We trust our loss will be her gain
And that with Christ she's gone to reign

Headstone of Thurza Williams McCarter


Levi and Evoline McCarter

Levi was the oldest son of Philander and Thurza McCarter. In 1866 he married Evoline Greer and they had six children - Martha Sedalia 'Mattie,' Shadrack Philander 'Shady', Sarah Ennis, Thurza Belle, Robert Frank, and Clayborn Baker 'Clabe.' Mattie, Shady, Robert, and Clayborn are also buried in this cemetery.

Headstone of Levi Hickman McCarter

Headstone of Evoline McCarter

Headstone of Mattie McCarter Barton

Headstone of Shady Philander McCarter

Headstone of Robert Frank McCarter

Headstone of Clayborn and Celia McCarter


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