Newton J. Tharp in the News

Daily Alta California
December 4, 1885

California School of Design

The twelfth annual free exhibition of the drawings and studies of the pupils of the California School of Design opened yesterday at the rooms of the Art Association, 430 Pine street. The exhibit evinces not only very considerable talent, and in some instances undoubted genius in the pupils, and also a careful training on the part of instructors. Tomorrow night a series of tableaux will be given in the large hall of the association. The tableaux will be: The Harvesters, Dolce Far Niente, Unrequited Love, A Flirtation, Japanese Fantasia, La Ascienda Espanola, Orange Girl, What Next, Witch's Daughter, Galatea, Pious Devotion, Pilgrims to Komus. The tableau rehearsals have been made under the direction of Miss Giradelli and Miss Randall, with Newton Tharp as stage manager.

Tomorrow evening, also, the medals for the best work done during the year will be awarded. There are two gold medals, one for painting and one for drawing. They will be awarded bv a committee composed of A. G. Hawes, F. O. Laymen, Arthur Nahl, Miss Alice Chittenden and Dr. Chismore.

The next term of the Art School will begin the first Monday in January.

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