Street Scene

by Jim Farrar (1981)

I look out the window and see much activity:

Am I carrying insanity in my pocket?


A mouse-like little man with horn-rimmed glasses,
A hearing-aid and a paunch
Is chasing his children with a two-by-four.

He looks serious,
His children are grimy, dirty,
Smell of baked fish, Catholic dinner.

Old fashioned clothes,
One of them brandishes a stick-sword
And a garbage can lid.

They love their daddy.

Down the street,
A father throws a softball to his boy,
His only son.

The boy is at bat,
Dogs bark,
Another daddy calls his pigeons,
The children call off the dogs.

Next door, two teenage girls with nice asses
And a lot of makeup
Ascend a flight of stairs.

"Hit a homerun!"

A softball game begins in the street.

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