Lyrics from an Unsung Song

by Jim Farrar (1981)

There's a full moon rising on the desert tonight.
The troops are sleeping down by the battle line.
There's a time for love; there's a time for war.
I'm sorry, honey, but we're itching for a fight tonight.

Tonight, tonight.

Tanks roll over the desert sand.
Bodies pile up in Beirut.
There's children starving in Africa.
Uncle Sam should buy a new suit.

Twin prongs of evil sticking out of the ground.
Black oil spills into the bay.
Dead birds wash up on the shore at night.
Smoke shrouds the new day.

Once upon a time the earth was green.
It was so long ago that it's now just a dream.
The oceans gave way to holes in the ground.
Could it be we've started to drown?

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