The Iron Man's Back Again

by Jim Farrar (1982)

Hello, my family
And greetings to you, my old friend
It’s so nice to see you all again

I just came to say
That the Iron Man’s back
With his same old toothless grin

It’s the same old story
Things never really change
He’ll make you chuckle
And he’ll certainly make you shed a tear
Or two

For the fact of the matter is that
He’ll twist and turn your emotions
As freely as the clasp on his belt buckle

The Iron Man’s here to stay
Though his armor might
Be tarnished just a bit...
You won’t find a spot of rust
On his ever-sharpened wit

Yes, he’s tired
And growing soft
He spends his days
Just snoozing in the loft

He’ll fight no more battles
And he’ll feel no more pain
Never again will he sleep
In the pouring spring rain

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