Dr. Hine

by Jim Farrar (1982)

A man collapsed on a city street
Seems his heart had ceased to beat
Another raced to lend a hand:
Asking for quiet
He silenced the band.

The man, alas, was pushed aside
By another with a larger stride:
“I’m a paramedic, you see
Stand back, old man, watch me.”

But with his efforts all in vain
And his victim still in pain
The big man stood back.
And stared into the rain.

The paramedic blushed
And said to the man whose efforts he’d hushed:
“Call a doctor, my man,
I’ve done all I can!”

The little man just smiled
And said after awhile:
“You know, my friend,
I’ve been here all the time,
My name is Dr. Hine.”

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